2017 BECE Registration

2017 BECE Registration


Please follow the steps below to register

1. Collection of Registration forms by schools from BSEB
2. Filing of candidates’ Bio-data by schools
3. Payment into any commercial Bank that has e-bills or BIRS Account
4. Collection of payment transaction slips from the Bank after payment
5. Submission of payment transaction slips to Account unit, BSEB, and payment of Technology fee
6. Submission of Registration forms to Exams Department BSEB for online registration by the BSEB.
8. Collection of photo cards by schools after registration for verification of Correction/editing


1. BECRE 2017 Reg 29/09/17 15/11/17 N500.00
2. BECE Reg. 1/12/17 28/02/18 N3,500.00 1,000.00
3. EBECE Reg. 1/12/17 04/03/18 N5,000.00

1. There will NOT be any extension of registration for these Examinations.
2. Principals are to ensure that they register only their bonafide candidates for the examinations.
3. All schools are to register a minimum of nine (9) subjects for BECE/EBECE
4. Practicals will be conducted for BECE/EBECE in all practical oriented subjects.
5. The Practicals are a compulsory component of the subjects. All candidates who register the subjects must sit for the practicals.


Extension of 2017 BECE Registration

The management of Benue State Examinations Board has graciously extended the 2017/2018 BECE registration period to 21st May, 2018. However the fees still remain the same. For further information please call T. Shom 0806 502 5147 or send a mail to info@bseb.com.ng

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Ango, T K, Computer Master TCSS, Jato-AkaPosted on5:11 pm - Feb 18, 2018

for those of us with online reg. facilities at our schools and have been registering for the past yours must we still forward our students Bio Data to the Board?

    Support AdminPosted on7:13 am - Feb 19, 2018

    Thank you so much for your comments Ango
    You will only forward your school registration details to the Board for this year, the Board has put together a training window that will avail all schools the opportunity of capturing their students registration process. Date, time and venue will be communicated in due course.
    Thank you for your time.

BRAINYLINKSPosted on2:47 pm - Feb 22, 2018

I am still not satisfy with this, ‘ will the registration process going to be free for all schools?’ because for me I was very happy for the Benue state government providing opportunities for computer operators and teacher to get something for themselves, but I didn’t know will the registration process going to be done by the school again?

    Support AdminPosted on5:15 pm - Feb 22, 2018

    Hello BrainYlinks
    Thanks for stopping by, please contact your schools representative that attended the meeting we held concerning 2017/2018 BECE registration process.
    Thank you

AUSTINE TARGBA ADZEMBEPosted on7:10 pm - Feb 25, 2018

Good evening,

Please I wish to know if BENUE STATE EXAM BOARD has decided to be doing the registrations for schools themselves?
I am a student of BENUE STATE UNIVERSITY, I have been doing this registration to earn a living and paying my school fees. Now that you people have decided that you will be doing the registration yourself what becomes of us? Should we go and still? At least let the BOARD TAKE THEM HANDS OFF the registrations and allow us too to earn a living.
Thank you.

Goddy UkpelePosted on10:23 am - Jun 16, 2018

Compliment of the season. Sir, how much does it cost to register a new school to have BECE center.

Okeke Emeka SamuelPosted on8:40 am - Feb 28, 2019

I captured 1 candidate twice, how do I delete 1 of the candidate that appeared twice to enable me print payment advice for the actual number of candidates registered for?

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